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Rina Zin Redefines Fashion

Madison Oberkfell


September 26, 2021

Rina Zin, a pioneer in Israeli high fashion since its establishment in 1990, has embraced cutting-edge technology to redefine the online shopping experience. With five boutique stores across Israel and a global clientele, Rina Zin has evolved from its roots in accessories and children’s clothing to become synonymous with unique, sophisticated women’s fashion.


Central to Rina Zin’s modern approach is its collaboration with Selectika, a pioneering tech firm renowned for its advanced algorithms. By integrating Selectika’s software, Rina Zin now offers customers a streamlined shopping journey through a personalised style questionnaire. This innovative tool, which harnesses the power of AI, swiftly matches shoppers with garments that perfectly suit their style preferences and sizing needs.


The process is both seamless and efficient: customers answer a brief series of questions, and within moments, a curated selection of garments that complement their individual taste and physique is presented. Gone are the days of aimless scrolling through vast online inventories—thanks to Rina Zin’s adoption of Selectika’s technology, shopping becomes not only quicker but also delightfully tailored.


This partnership not only enhances the accessibility of Rina Zin’s collections but also underscores its commitment to providing an unforgettable shopping experience. By leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, Rina Zin ensures that every interaction with its brand is characterised by precision, personalisation, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.


To explore more about Rina Zin’s innovative approach to fashion and technology, visit their official website here. Discover how Selectika is reshaping online shopping experiences across various industries as well.

This enhanced collaboration between Rina Zin and Selectika not only sets a new standard in online fashion retailing but also exemplifies the transformative power of technology in delivering bespoke customer experiences.

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