Visual AI System

Selectika’s visual AI system is built with proprietary tech and designed by fashion experts; It tags each item with more than 20 data points. It’s automated and tags complete catalogs in record time.  The result is consistent and precise data, making the recommendation engine more accurate with superior results across the board.

Full Tagging System

Selectika’s intuitive tagging addresses one of the industry’s biggest challenges, maximize productivity, efficiency, and revenue, and controls the subsequent problems. AI tagging standardizes and enriches product data for a better customer experience, saving time and money in merchandising.

Smarter Shop Similar

Selectika’s visual AI analyses the details of each item and diagnoses the shoppers’ aesthetic preferences. Simultaneously, real-time behavioral data adds context to provide the most relevant recommendations on every visit. Selectika’s tech is one of a kind and fully dedicated to the fashion industry.

Find My Size

The only solution in the market that cross-analyses the fabric and the design with the shopper’s measurements and preferences. Powered by machine learning algorithms with a 97% success rate of Finding the shopper’s perfect size and boosting conversation rate by 4 times.

Complete The Look

In the quest to add value and personalize the shopping experience, Selectika developed a true AI stylist that unlocks the consumer’s sense of style and fashion. The solution presents complementary products based on the shopper’s preferences and can showcase solely items that fit his taste and budget.

Trends & Forecasting

Selectika’s AI system tracks and analyses each click, session, purchase, and more.  The system produces and extrapolates In-depth data on trends, Items, and shoppers.  All the data is provided to the retailer on the dashboard and can be used to boost eCommerce conversions with efficient site merchandising.

Shop The Look

 Shoppers want to learn more about each item on the product page to grow their AOV fast, make the shopping experience more enjoyable, maximize the customer’s experience, and reduce friction. This feature lets you make all your visual content clickable and shoppable.

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