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Therapeutic Styling

Tali H Bezalel


February 9, 2022

The thrill of discovering the perfect item of clothing is an exhilarating experience that sends our dopamine levels soaring. The anticipation of acquiring new clothes and the ease of online shopping transform this activity into a dopamine “happy hour,” making us crave more and more. However, what goes up must come down, and the post-shopping dopamine crash is all too familiar. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, we find ourselves somewhat addicted to our screens and shopping habits. Some Americans even embark on “dopamine fasts” to counteract this phenomenon, akin to enthusiastic dieters attempting to reset their systems.


But fasting isn’t for everyone, especially for those who relish the excitement. This brings us to a new paradigm: therapeutic styling. Instead of perpetually seeking the next dopamine rush from external sources, therapeutic styling focuses on extracting joy from within—right from our own wardrobes. By incorporating playfulness and personal development exercises, this approach transforms the often hollow pursuit of the next “Like” into a rich, personal expression of style and inner connection.


Enter Selectika, a groundbreaking solution in the realm of fashion AI. Selectika is not merely another tool; it is a revolutionary platform designed to curate your ideal look and seamlessly integrate any online store into your personalised wardrobe. By concentrating on maintaining a balanced dopamine response, Selectika enhances your shopping experience in a healthier and more sustainable way. The AI ensures that every garment is a perfect fit, providing a steady stream of satisfaction rather than the fleeting highs and lows typically associated with shopping.


Our bodies naturally produce dopamine, a key player in our motivation and pleasure systems. The issue isn’t the production of dopamine itself but rather the dosage, much like the acquisition of new clothes. Selectika addresses this by enabling you to stay focused during your shopping experience, allowing your dopamine levels to rise gradually and healthily. When your new garment arrives, you can be certain that it is not only a perfect fit but also a thoughtful addition to your wardrobe.


With Selectika, you can be confident that your purchases will not only fit perfectly but also reflect your unique style, keeping the excitement alive and well-balanced. Transform your shopping into a therapeutic, fulfilling experience with Selectika, and rediscover the joy of fashion without the subsequent crash. By shifting the focus from external validation to internal satisfaction, Selectika turns your wardrobe into a source of continuous inspiration and joy.


In a world where fast fashion often leads to fleeting pleasure and environmental concerns, Selectika offers a mindful alternative. It encourages a deeper connection to your personal style and wardrobe, fostering a sense of fulfilment that extends beyond the momentary thrill of a purchase. Embrace therapeutic styling with Selectika and experience fashion in a way that is both exciting and enriching, ensuring that every addition to your wardrobe is a step towards a more balanced and joyful life.

Transform Your Shopping Experience with AI-Driven Personalisation and Sustainable Satisfaction